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March 3, 2009


Various compositions and session outtakes 2006-2007,

PRMS - Cut (3:22)
Mould2-OH - Indigo feathers_1-03 (2:12)
Mould2-OH - A field of raining aeroplanes (5:03)
PRMS - Tainted fairy fuckface (14:07)
PRMS - El raunchness bounce theme (3:48)
PRMS - Moonflowerpetal (4:58)


April 9, 2007

Live (non)action of disseminated modules

The cyberpipe video from October is finally online. Check it HERE. Also appearing the printing fairybeing that misspells names!

December 3, 2006

Fresh monoliths and tooth fairies

From autumn/winter sessions, generated down here in our neck of the woods, much fun. For digestive purposes cut to bite sized chunks. Some CDR releases in the works... Rockin'! ;)

Pozenel Primoz - Electronics, pedals, feedback.
Boncina Primoz - Laptop, manipulated guitar and voice, feedback.

Get it here/lend an ear (or two):
bite1 l bite2 l bite3 l bite4 l bite5 l bite6 l bite7 l bite8
(192k mp3 files)

September 29, 2006

Providing tonal matter for dead spaces and planting hushkaboomcukoothunderhiss vines

This blog serves as the online diary and publish space of our ongoing experimental psych-drone-noise collaborative sound exploration project "Mould 2=o". Periodically, media files will be uploaded from different sessions and collaboration in the context of this project.

"Mould" project started by Primoz Boncina (aka Prms aka Sunsetsquad) in 2003, its first vehicle being the ruthless reverberated noise of four oscilators, springing from alchemic concepts of liquid soundstructures, shifting and displacing sound textures. The timbre being in the noisy digital domain, with ambient intrusions and chamber ambitions. Read the Mould resume.

Mould1 contains three compositions for echoed oscilators. The mp3 webrelease is available for download here (zip file incl. mp3 audio and cover).

In 2005 the project was extended to collaborattive effort with Primoz Pozenel and renamed to befit the increase in body count, his vehicle of choice being the analogue circuitry and feedback reverberated loops, adding a welcome contrast to the previously practiced strictly digitally-produced soundforms. Live, semi-improvised, performances were taken place at various venues and in different shapes and forms, albeit the core of the sound strives to achieve certain aesthetic interests within the primary concept.

The Mould 2=o choice of focus is gradually shifting through fascinations with tone and timbre, following personal obsessions of the members and providing an outlet of abstract dialogue.

September 26, 2006

MOULD 2=o texture dept. will be doing a performance on HAIP 2006 festival, Ljubljana, 18.10.2006. venue: Kiberpipa / Cyberpipe, 21h